How to Treat Pimple Inside Nose Naturally

Although it seems trivial, but it consumes a lot of water also has a significant role double your efforts to prevent pimple in the future. Curious why water can help you prevent pimple? Here’s his review.

Why drinking plenty of water can prevent pimple?

Factors that may cause pimple appears on your skin not only from the outside, but can also come from within your body. Sometimes, a lot of toxic substances which, if not removed from the body, it will cause a so-called dirty blood, a condition in which your blood has been contaminated by toxic substances in the body. Well, if the dirty blood is formed, then this will cause pimple in the future.

Drinking plenty of water is a natural and simple way to detoxify the body, so that the toxic substances that can cause bad blood will be removed from your body. So no wonder not if drinking water is one of the dirty blood cleaning tips and ways to eliminate pimple blood type O?

Pimple Inside Nose

Exercise Regularly

Just like water, sports activity is a simple activity that can nourish your body as a whole and also to prevent pimple on your skin. Curious why exercise can be useful as a way to prevent pimples to grow again? Here’s his review.

Why exercise regularly to prevent pimples?

Just like mechanism that can be acquired when you drink water, with exercise, the toxic substances in your body will be terdetoksifikasi out. With the release of toxic substances from your body, it is no wonder if you will avoid bad blood that was one of the main factors causing pimple appears on the skin. By exercising regularly, it will be smooth blood circulation, including blood circulation to your skin parts. This will directly improve the firmness of your skin and will also prevent your skin from pimples.


The thing to remember also is that after a workout, then surely you will sweat is not it? After a workout, give space for your skin to breathe with changing clothes and also do not forget to wash your skin as a whole, so that all the dust and dirt can get away from your body. Menmpel let sweat for too long on the skin will result in danger of pimples on his back and the danger of pimple in the armpit.

Do not Touch Face with Your Hands

One way that is simple but reflexively often a person is touching the skin by hand. Now, though, touching the face with hands meriupakan one of the main factors why severe pimple can arise on your skin can also cause dangerous DNA squeezing pimples. Well, here is the reason.

Why touching the skin by hand can cause pimple?

When you touch your face with your hands, then you are implicitly tantamount transfer bacteria and germs are on your hands to your skin. Well, as you know, your hand is a source of bacteria and germs for you in a few minutes side hold goods containing corn and invisible bacteria. Well, the bacteria attached on the skin of the face is it takes effect caused by pimple is pressed, which can close the pores and if it interacts with sebum, it will bring pimple at a later date.

Note the hair Cleanliness

In addition to the face, other body parts also must take cleanliness so that you avoid pimple skin is your hair, because hair to hygiene is one way to get rid of pimples on the head. Well, why hair hygiene could be one important factor to prevent pimples? Here is the review for you.

Why keep hair hygiene can prevent pimple?

It cannot be denied if your hair is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body exposed to various dirt, sweat, bacteria, dust, and pollution when you go through your daily activities. Well, if your hair is long enough or you have bangs hair type, do not be surprised if the dirt and bacteria in the hair will move on to the forehead or to the part of your back and can be a cause of pimple on the back.

Well, the bacteria migrate from the skin to the hair you have, if it interacts with sebum will produce a pimple at a later date. Therefore, a good idea to wash your hair once a day, and as much as possible, keep your hair from the skin with a hair tie.

The Most Dangerous Acne

Who does not know pimples? Acne seems indeed to be one of the common skin problems that occur in humans. Usually, many people are too concerned with the state of acne, since it could damage the appearance of the face. Acne also some have effects and impacts are quite harmful to health.

Here are some of the impact and also the danger of acne to the body:

  • Cause injury and irritation of the skin
  • Bring up the cause of acne pus
  • Cause pain and tenderness
  • Cause scars
  • Make the facial skin becomes dry and rough
  • Even if one cause of death in treating acne

Well, that is some danger of acne. However, you do not have to worry about your acne is still small and not severe, because it will heal on its own without the need for special handling. Nonetheless, you still have to maintain your health, especially the health of facial skin for acne on your face can be lost and clean your face of acne.

So, what type of acne that are harmful to our face? Well, here are some types of acne that is included into the dangerous category. This is because the vast spreading, acne long durability and advanced effects that will arise because of the acne:

1. Acne Cyst

Cyst is one type of acne that is dangerous. Acne can appear with the form and texture in the form of acne spots larger than acne in general. Usually hard and very painful and sore when pressed or touched.

This type of acne can arise and persist for months, especially if not done properly and correctly handling. This type of acne cysts when squeezed will feel sore and painful, and will cause severe inflammation and infection. This will cause more severe pain.

To treat acne cysts, the patient may be given an injection containing cortisone to reduce swelling and spots of acne cysts that happened.

2. Acne Stone

Cystic acne is one of the more dangerous type of acne. Can be dangerous because of scars from cystic acne can cause scarring inside and looks very clear compared to other types of acne.

Cystic acne appears if it has some characteristics that are clearly visible and can be felt. Here are some common symptoms of cystic acne:

  • Pimple the size of a very large (much larger than acne cysts)
  • Filled yellow or white pus
  • Kerika ill touched, da feels very sore

3. Acne pustule

The most dangerous type of acne Another type of acne known as pustules or postule. Dangerous type of acne is a common and often occur in most people. These types of acne pustules have miraculous characteristics that is easily identified. The following are some of the characteristics of this type of acne pustules that appear:

  • Acne bumps tend to be small
  • Having redness and pus-filled white and yellow
  • Usually not too sore when touched

Pustule acne is probably more common in others, as factors causing acne on the face appears a common and widely experienced by many people, namely:

  • Irritation of chemical substances
  • Irritation to dust and pollutants
  • A sheer lack of cleanliness face

How to Prevent Ingrown Pimple

Today, everything about pimple is very annoying considering the psychological impact of pimple caused due to all the people, that is decreasing the level of confidence a person. Well, maybe this time you are wondering: Is there a way to prevent pimples, remember there are many causes of pimples by internal and external factors? The answer is certainly ‘no’! Well, if you are curious about how do I prevent pimple? If yes, then through the information below, you will find the full info.

Causes of pimple

Before you see a variety of makes how to prevent pimple, then you should first look at the actual things whatever be the cause of pimple. Here is the review for you.

  • Genetic factors. Genetic factors are one of the main factors of pimple. When you have a family history who have oily skin, then you will likely have oily skin and it will cause you to be more prone to pimple affected.
    Hormones factor. Hormones also have an important role in causing pimple in the future. Types of pimple-causing hormones are not balanced when you are under stress or menstruation will trigger the production of sebum in the skin, which in turn of course will cause pimple in the future.
  • Bacterial Infections, Dirt and Dust. Well, this is also the reason why pimple can arise on your skin. When your skin infestation of bacteria, dust cause pimple, as well as dirt, then things will terseut close the pores in your skin and will cause clogged pores. If the bacteria and dirt interacts with the oil in your skin, so do not be surprised if your skin of pimple arise.
  • Less Appreciating Yourself. When we lack megapresiasi ourselves with proper treatment, such as rarely clean the skin, too often hold wjaah by hand, too often staying up late, or eating junk food constantly, then do not be surprised if your skin is covered with a pimple. That is because when you do these things, a variety of bacteria and excessive sebum production will trigger pimple.

Well, now that you know the various causes of pimple, then it is time you know the various ways to prevent pimple naturally and quickly. Here is the review for you.

Ingrown Pimple

1. Wash Face Routine

One way to prevent pimple is to wash your face regularly. To ensure that your face to avoid pimples, then you at least wash your face 2 times a day by applying the correct way to wash your face for pimple prone skin.

Why should wash your face 2 times a day?

It is undeniable that in day-to-day activities, the attachment of a variety of dust, dirt, bacteria, until the pollution in your skin can not be avoided. Well, a variety of contaminants that, if allowed to continue sticking to your skin, it will make your skin pores clogged and results? Of course, your skin will be covered with a pimple. Therefore, washing the face is very important to get rid of contaminants from your skin DNA as well as pimple and oily facial treatments naturally. Read more on

2. Using the Right Facial Soap

In addition to washing your face regularly, then use the appropriate facial soap will be useful to prevent pimples. Well, it is important to choose the right facial soap and according to the characteristics of your skin due to the use of facial soap that is not appropriate it will be the cause of pimple on the face.

Why should use appropriate facial soap?

Using the right facial soap would be devastating to prevent pimples. On the contrary, if one chose facial soap, then pimple will arise. Suppose if you are thinking about the type of dry skin but buy special facial soap for oily skin, so do not be surprised if later on your skin it will become drier, which makes the skin will be susceptible to bacterial infections and become the root cause of pimple is inflamed.

Now, therefore, if you have a dry skin type, then buy a neutral facial soap. If you have oily skin type, then buy a special facial soap for oily skin types. It’s as well you buy a facial soap that contains salicylic acid, because these compounds are capable of removing various contaminants in the skin that can clog pores and cause pimples.

3. Right Food Consumption

Did you know that the food turned out to have a great influence for those of you who want to avoid pimples? Well, if you’re wrong or too much to consume certain foods, do not be surprised if the pimple appears on your skin. Vice versa, if you choose the right foods, then most likely you will avoid pimple.

Why food can prevent pimple?

When you consume foods cause pimple on the face popping up such as:

  • Fatty foods
  • Greasy food
  • Spicy food
  • Food bersantan
  • Nuts
  • Junk food or fast food

So do not be surprised if later pimple will easily arise in your skin. Well, why is that? Due to consume foods that have been mentioned above will lead to the production of sebum, or skin oil will rise dramatically. Excess oil on the skin are at risk of clogging pores which will cause pimples. Therefore, it helps you consume foods pimple removal such as fruits and vegetables.