Causes of Acute Facial Acne

What woman is not happy when praised gorgeous. The six letter word is sometimes so crazy by women to make them do anything to look beautiful in public. But to get healthy skin requires hard work and consistency to do it seriously.

Healthy skin

Some steps and changes that better enables you to get a beautiful skin and manicured. Examples of healthy habits to get a beautiful skin, among others:

  • Exercise can be done in the morning and evening aiming for circulation. Smooth blood circulation makes the skin look healthy and radiant.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day. White water makes the skin more moist and supple as nourish the skin from within. Shortage of water actually causes the body to become dehydrated and dementia while.
  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables, because fruits and vegetables contain nutrients vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Besides fruits and vegetables rich in fiber that can aid the digestive system. (See also: Fruit acne removal)
  • Use sunscreen when outdoors, because out of the house during the day to make your skin exposed to excessive sunlight. Sunlight above contains ultraviolet nine o’clock that may cause skin cancer if left in a long period of time. (See also: How to get rid of acne as a result of cosmetics)
  • In addition to the treatment of the treatment of the skin is also important as applying outside Handbody according to skin type for the entire body.
  • Selecting a face cleanser that is also suitable according to your skin type.
  • Use makeup that looks normal and natural when going out of the house.acne)

Those are some reviews on how to get beautiful and healthy skin outside and within.

Acne Causes Acute

Well about acne, acne usually appears on the skin can be caused by skin that is rarely cleaned thoroughly. Some acne can cause inflammation and make the skin become less beauty. Acne is sometimes also indicate the health of a person so that some of the factors that cause acne also needs to be known. Acne is affected by the amount of oil on the face. Where the oil factor overload can lead to breeding of bacteria that cause acne on the face that cause acne inflamed skin. Here are some of the causes of acute acne facial skin, among others, are as follows:

1. Fast food

It is recognized by many people that fast food tastes good besides the price is also quite cheap. So all the people who are tempted to buy without taking into account the effects of fast food. Fast food high in saturated fat and sugar. The impact is the body to be stretched and sugar levels in the blood go up. High sugar levels in the blood can be a cause of acne. Acne that arise are usually of medium size and red. So you better replace your habits by eating more healthy foods to avoid acne on the skin.

2. Excessive Stress

Stress factors closely related to the state of mind and the load experienced by a person. Stress looks like silence – silence is safe but it turns out memebrikan impact is not good for the skin. Due to stress tend to be lazy person to perform actions such as cleaning the face. They become not so concerned with health. And if they do not clean the face of acne will easily appear on the face and is certainly very disturbing at all. If you are experiencing stress due to work or other things it helps to calm the mind for a moment alone. Take a deep breath – in and remove it slowly – land. If you could be mencpba ask leave of absence for a quick break.

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