Causes of Inflamed Acne

Today, everything about acne is very annoying because acne can result in psychological impact of acne, namely stress and declining confidence. Prevent the occurrence of acne as it is almost impossible to remember there are many causes of acne by internal and external factors. Maybe if acne ‘adorn’ our skin is acne is mild, we were not too bothered. However, what if the acne that adorn our skin is inflamed pimples? Of course this will disturb our appearance. Then, exactly what causes inflamed pimples appear? Here is the review for you.

1. Bacterial Infections

It is undeniable that one of the main causes of acne can cause your skin is inflamed due to a bacterial infection. This bacterial infection can occur due to bacteria on the skin you can close and clog the pores of your skin, so that when mixed with sebum, it will cause the acne gets inflamed and reddish. Does not rule out also that cystic acne and festering pimple appears, so it will bring danger festering pimple on your skin.

How to prevent acne inflammation caused by bacterial infection?

To prevent acne inflammation caused by bacterial infection, then you have to do is always keep your skin clean by washing and cleaning your skin on a regular basis every day, do not touch your skin by hand, and use a mask when going traveling by vehicle motorized or bicycle.

2. Squeeze Acne

Surely you all know is not that one of the main factors why acne can become inflamed is squeezing pimples? Squeeze acne is indeed what should be avoided, but there are still many people who do this, whether intentional or not, because the sense of ‘wrath’ as ​​a result of acne on the skin can not be avoided. Here is an explanation why squeeze acne can cause inflammation of acne:

  • Squeezing acne it will produce effects caused by acne is pressed, which will make your skin wounds and reddish, and your skin will experience swelling.
  • Additionally, when you squeeze a pimple, then the danger of squeezing pimples will come to your skin, where all bacteria and dirt on your hands will move to your acne, so it will be increasingly inflamed pimples.

How to prevent acne inflammation due to squeezing pimples?

The best way to prevent inflammation of acne is to resist your desire to squeeze pimples, or even just touch it with your hand. Embed the understanding that by touching acne, then it will only worsen your acne condition. Perform acne treatments with natural ingredients and be patient with the healing process of acne.

3. Wear Cosmetics When Acne

Wearing the wrong cosmetics when acne will also have an inflammatory effect on acne. When your acne, then you may choose to use cosmetics to disguise the acne on your skin. However, did you know that the use of cosmetics it will close the pores of the skin breakouts that will aggravate your acne condition? In addition, some of the chemicals used in cosmetics it will irritate your skin and cause acne inflamed.

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