Read This Before Popping Your Pimples

Acne is one of the disorders and skin problems, especially skin that is extremely disturbing and certainly avoided by most people, especially for those of adolescent women and those who are concerned with the appearance and health of the face.

Acne itself has on your face since his teens, where the appearance of acne is triggered by many things, one of the main triggers of acne is the emergence of hormone – the hormone tbuh happens when puberty. Acne is the appearance of spots – spots on the face, which can be felt when touched by hand. Acne usually has two categories, namely category of moderate and severe categories. Acne with category usually only appear on certain parts and also can recover quickly. In contrast to severe acne, they usually appear simultaneously in several areas of the face, as well as clustered and difficult to cure.

Causes of Acne

Acne itself can arise due to various factors. Here are some factors that can cause the appearance of acne:

  • stress
  • Hormone (characteristic feature of acne hormone)
  • Depression
  • Healthy skin is not awake
  • Solar radiation
  • Allergy medications – certain medicines
  • Air pollution
  • Nutritional deficiencies skin
  • Less attention to the cleanliness of the face
  • Contact with dust and pollutants in the air free

Acne is often handled in the wrong way, one way – the wrong way and it is not advisable when you have pimples that appear on your face is your acne memncet to rupture.

Danger squeeze pimples

Acne is supposed to be treated by using drugs – certain drugs or by letting it to recover naturally. Squeeze acne so is not recommended because it would only cause a lot of bad and negative effects to our bodies. In addition squeeze pimples also assessed medically dangerous. So what are the dangers of activity squeeze pimples? Here are some explanations on why memncet acne is dangerous:

1. irritation

jerawtBahaya first squeeze of the habit in squeeze your pimples is that this habit bagu can irritate your skin, especially facial skin. This irritation can lead to many negative effects and other adverse effects. Here are some of the negative effects caused by irritation of the squeeze acne:

  • Injuries to the skin
  • Itchy skin
  • skin reddening
  • The pain on the part of acne

The emergence of irritation is caused by germs and bacteria in the acne eventually came out as pressed, and the release of germs or bacteria of this field will only irritate your face.

2. Infection

For those who experience acne and also problems with the coagulation system daarah, or for those of you that deficiency of iron and vitamin intake, activity squeeze acne would be extremely vulnerable to the infection occurs chart your face with acne.

Once pressed, perhaps acne will disappear and mengempes, but in fact, after the acne is gone and mengempes felt, even new problems will arise, namely the possibility of infection in the face of acne you push before. These infections can cause bacteria become proliferate more quickly, and can even get into your body through the pores – pores of the skin and cause a variety of health problems in your body.

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