Most Powerful Traditional Acne Remedies

Acne is an indication of a person’s health. The cause of acne skin that appears very much some of them are as follows:

Excessive production of oil glands in the skin can cause oily face. When you are outdoors dust was in the air against the face that eventually, if not cleaned will cause acne.
Stress is related to psychological health of a person. Excessive stress is not good for skin health and will be one of the factors that causes acne because of the body’s metabolism working.
Dirty blood causes acne along with other skin disorders.

Some of the causes of acne above can be overcome with proper treatment and safe from side effects. Many choose to use medication from a doctor or also choose to use materials – natural ingredients to get rid of acne. Basically effort to cure acne is the same required the use of routine every day. Especially if you choose to use natural materials. Some advantages of using natural ingredients as a traditional medicine to get rid of acne is as follows:

  • Safe from side effects
  • Does not require a large fee because it is easily obtained
  • Can be made yourself at home if you want to try
  • The result is more complete and satisfying in the long term

Well, that’s some benefits, will now be described medicine – traditional medicine that can help you to get rid of acne following review:

1. Cinnamon and honey

To these two natural ingredients when mixed become one of the most potent drugs to get rid of acne. This is because cinnamon contains antimicrobial good to kill the bacteria that cause acne. While honey is a natural substance that is rich in benefits such as antioxidants which softens the skin and prevent wrinkles.

How to make a mask of cinnamon and honey are:

  • Prepare two tablespoons of honey
  • One teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Combine these two ingredients into a container and stir until blended so as to resemble a kind of pasta.
  • Apply to face with the rat and wait until dry.

If it is dry, rinse with clean water and pat – lightly pat your face to smooth the flow of blood after using the mask.

2. Milk and honey

Milk is believed to always give softness to the skin. That is why since the first milk into a natural ingredient that is widely used by the kingdom – the kingdom so that no term madi milk. But here’s milk is not milk used for consumption. Rather beberntuk yogurth milk which has no taste at all. Honey mixed with milk if it will be able to treat existing acne on your face.

How to process are:

  • Prepare two tablespoons of honey
  • Pour a few liters of liquid milk in the form of yogurth
  • Mix both ingredients and then apply on your face a thorough makeover.

When already attached to the face leave for more than 10 to 15 minutes. Only then rinsed thoroughly.

3. The egg whites

The next powerful traditional medicine to treat acne is egg white. Egg whites contain vitamins that high so it is good to regenerate skin cells die more quickly and safely. How to use egg white is quite easy. Just apply it evenly on your face and leave for a few minutes. Mask of egg white will also tighten your skin so that when they take your egg whites prohibited to smile because of being in a state to tighten the skin. Once dry clean the face as a whole.

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